I am Toya Michele - attorney turned lifestyle photographer.

My husband and I reside in Nashville, by way of Memphis, which is our hometown.  I-40 West is the interstate that keeps us connected between the two. 

I purchased a camera a couple of years ago with the purpose of starting my personal blog, life on forty west.  Although I am an attorney, I've always been a "creative" at heart.  The blog was to serve as an outlet for me to express myself and tell my story, along with a few aesthetically pleasing photographs.

From the moment I placed my hands on that brand new Canon, however, there was an instant and unexpected love connection. Suddenly, my direction changed and this full-fledged photography thing just happened. I found myself putting more time and effort into perfecting the composition of my images than my words.

People took notice. And now here I am, using my new found passion to visually tell the stories of others. 

My focus is all things lifestyle.  Whether it's family, fashion, professional headshots -  I'm here for it.  If you are interested in photography services, submit your inquiry via the Contact page and let's chat!