Kitchen Notes.

Recently, an old friend of mine and I decided to catch up over breakfast at Kitchen Notes, a three-meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner), farm-to-table dining concept located in Downtown Nashville's Omni Hotel.

I am all about the interior of a place just as much as I am about the food!  So naturally, the thing that wowed me upon my first encounter with Kitchen Notes was its decor, which consists of "repurposed materials found at local antique stores and flea markets."

Think old Southern charm with a few contemporary adjustments: tufted benches, floral arrangements sitting in Mason jars, and an assortment of vintage plates and handwritten recipes hanging on the walls in glass frames (hence the restaurant's name). 

The main dining room is situated in an open and naturally lit space that includes this tantalizing buffet of all of the down home cuisine you can possibly think of: fresh fruit, homemade flavored biscuits (such as chocolate cherry), locally prepared jams, steel cut oatmeal with all the 'fixins, an assortment of warm pastries, cereal, applewood smoked bacon, blueberry-maple country sausage patties, country ham, breakfast potatoes, as well as made to order omelettes (my dish of choice), buttermilk pancakes, cast-iron waffles and french toast.

Y'all. During the two times I've visited this place, somehow I have managed to get a taste of everything I've listed above.  And almost nothing falls short of incredible. 

The price point is what you'd expect of a restaurant in an upscale hotel, but I guarantee you that the food and the experience are worth every penny. I'd recommend making reservations in advance regardless of your group size.