I’m an avid coffee drinker.  And I don’t always want to settle for just a basic cup brewed with grounds purchased from the supermarket.  Every now and then I like to indulge in something exotic that’s been prepared by an elite barista who considers the brewing process a form of art.

So naturally, when we moved to Nashville last December, one of the first things on my agenda was to tap into my inner hipster and find a coffee shop that sits in one of the city’s many burgeoning, trendy communities.

Then I found this awesomeness called Crema.

It’s a brewtique located in SoBro (South of Broadway), a neighborhood close to downtown that was once industrial but is now undergoing a modern redevelopment.

When I walked into the shop, I was beyond impressed. This sophisticated aroma of coffee beans greeted me at the door.  There were simple floral arrangements in Mason jars on wooden tabletops.  And the sounds of people chattering, mugs clinking, and laid-back R & B music playing melded together harmoniously in the background. I stood still for a few seconds and took it all in.

I ordered a vanilla latte that day, but I have since fell in love with the Cuban, a mildly sweet, smooth and balanced flavored latte made with steamed milk and a Corazón blend expresso.