Rock Paper Scissors.

Whenever an occasion that involves me giving someone a gift arises, I get excited, mainly because I love making people smile.  And since I aim to make stylish statements with everything that I do, delivering a beautifully wrapped box is just as important to me as what's inside of the box, if not more.  

Unfortunately, I'm not a "do-it-yourself" kind of girl and wrapping gifts is not my specialty.  But hey, that's what chic gift and paper boutiques like Rock Paper Scissors are for. 

Not too long after we moved to Nashville, I had a bridal shower to attend. I was in a bit of a frenzy about no longer having access to Ménage, which was my go-to stationery shop in Memphis. Attempting to wrap the gift myself at the last minute or being lazy and throwing it in a gift bag were just not options for me, so I searched Google and came across Ménage's sister store in historic Downtown Franklin. 

Let me stray away for a second and talk about how charming downtown Franklin is. When I arrived to Main Street, I was in awe of the aesthetics — brick sidewalks and Victorian architectural style buildings that housed antiques shops, restaurants and a general store or two. Little did I know, it's acclaimed by many major publications as one of the best towns in the nation. 

I walked into Rock Paper Scissors and I was wowed even more. Clean, colorful, undeniably feminine and softly lit — it was absolutely gorgeous.  On display throughout the shop was a variety of cute custom monogrammed notepads, some jewels here and there, party accessories, as well as non-traditional wedding and birthday cards with the wittiest sayings on them. 

Then I met Lauren, the creative mind behind this concept, and it all made sense why this place was full of such stunning details.  

A Jersey girl with a degree in Texture and Clothing (as well as a lover of all things Kate Spade like me), she relocated to the Nashville area some years back with the desire to "open a modern, New York inspired stationary store in a Southern town." 

She took my gift box and spontaneously came up with a really neat and festive idea for the wrapping, which included bold-colored and whimsically-patterned wrapping paper, accented with a hint of sparkly ribbon and an oversized bow. 

Ever since then, Rock Paper Scissors has been the source of my luxe paper goods for all occasions, even Christmas.